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How to correctly determine the correct size for your ring?

5 rules to keep in mind when taking your ring size

To take the right size of a ring, you must consider that the human body is rarely perfectly symmetrical: the right and left sides are slightly different. For this reason, hands and fingers also have different sizes. Furthermore, the change in temperature from hot to cold or vice versa also influences the measurement as the fingers may or may not swell throughout the day. For this reason, it is best to avoid taking your ring measurement in the morning or the evening. The best time is always lunchtime.

The size must be increased if the ring has a wide shank and decreased by half a size if it is a comfortable wedding ring model.

If your finger has a soft shape, you will have to focus on a broader shank thickness to prevent the ring from slipping off the finger or causing an unpleasant "muffin-top" effect, making it unsightly and uncomfortable for the wearer.

If, on the other hand, you have knotted fingers, with your knuckles bigger than your fingers, you must bear in mind that the correct size is the one that allows the ring, once passed over the knuckle, to be able to turn. A ring with a large stone that rotates around your finger too much would not be comfortable: the stone could bump into objects involuntarily, and even driving or carrying shopping bags could be painful. Therefore, buying a wedding ring, a band, or an eternity ring will be better.

3 ways to determine your ring size

If you do not know the size of your finger, the simplest method to use at home will be to take a cotton thread or a thin strip of paper to measure your finger's circumference and then determine its size by placing it next to a ruler.

If you have the correct size ring, you can take the inner circumference with specific tools: jewelers use ring sizers with a specifically designed mandrel, as in the first photo, and calipers, as shown in the second photo.

Otherwise, as in the third photo, you can take the ruler and place the ring you already own on it.

Did you know any of these methods? If you need advice for a ring that can make your qualities shine, we'll be waiting for you at the jewelry store on Ponte Vecchio.

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