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The shop

When I feel depressed, I just come back home to Florence. I marvel at Brunelleschi's dome, it always reminds me that if man's genius is capable of such endeavor then I can and must try to create, act, and live.

Franco Zeffirelli

Like a precious stone set in a jewel, the Gioielleria Biscioni today welcomes visitors and those who wish to dive into the Florentine goldsmith tradition.

The traditional furnishings in wood and iron of the historic Florentine workshops create for a moment the illusion of being able to go back to the Renaissance Era. We are welcomed from the walls by period photos of those who built and made that place great and tell us the stories of the generations of jewelers who inhabited it.

Come and look out for one of the most famous views in the world. So many Florentines and tourists who walk along Ponte Vecchio are enchanted by the window that overlooks the Arno and shows us Ponte Santa Trinita.

The Biscioni family wants to convey the love not only for our products but also for our Florence; for this reason, we let them enter the shop and take a souvenir photo with the view.


Discover the after-sales services dedicated to the customers of the Biscioni family shop

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Band Ring

Ring in white and yellow gold made entirely by hand by the artisans of the Biscioni Gioielli workshop according to the Florentine tradition.

Florentine-style ring

This florentine-style 18kt gold ring was made using the fretwork and satin-finishing technique.
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