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Logo di Biscioni Gioielli


We are such stuff as dreams are made on

William Shakespeare

Biscioni Gioielli guarantees to all its customers a comprehensive range of after-sales services.

Our team will clean the jewel for you when tarnished due to prolonged exposure to heat, water, or wear over time.

We can change the item's size in case the jewel is too narrow or wide or take care of finishing.

We can also use rhodium plating for the item, an electrolysis process to galvanize the jewel and regain its original luster.

If you can't come to the store directly, you will have the option to ship it.

Your satisfaction is ours, and we want to respect the promise made: an eternal jewel to be passed down for generations.


Discover our collections and learn how our jewels can take the shape of your dreams.
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The Shop

Overlooking one of the most famous landscapes in the world, Biscioni has been creating miniature masterpieces in the oldest jewelry shop on Ponte Vecchio in Florence for four generations.
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