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How to properly wear brooches?

Brooches were very fashionable until the 1950s. Only now, thanks to established stylists, do customers return to pins with curiosity, especially in purchasing vintage models or jewel brooches with unique designs and eccentric shapes and colors.

The pin is a practical accessory that is not only decorative but, above all, functional and allows you to customize your outfit and make it unique.

It can be used as a central button on a shirt, to close a coat or a scarf, as a hair clip, or on the slit of a wrap skirt.

The pin is generally worn on jackets and must be positioned on the left lapel where the buttonhole is located. Remember though,  if you are left-handed, the brooch must be placed on the opposite side so as not to hinder the use of a shoulder bag. This is usually the male use of the pin, but why not dare a little?

If you have a smooth one-colored coat, you can embellish it by combining more than one brooch, forming a composition on the lapel.

If, on the other hand, you are a teenager, you can decorate your sweatshirt with many small colored pins and combine it with a Scottish kilt skirt and a pair of sneakers.

When creating your outfit, remember that some brooches can be heavy, so be careful not to damage the garment you are going to wear.

And have you already applied some of these tips? Do you have any others to suggest? Please write to us on our Instagram profile, where you will find many other ideas!

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