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Logo di Biscioni Gioielli

Jewelry in May

May seems to have been made for engaged couples, full of an expectation of beauty, of something extraordinary that we expect to explode, coloring our lives.

A handsome young man came yesterday inside the shop and asked me, pointing at a gorgeous golden ring: "Do you think she will like it"?

At first, I thought it was a rhetorical question, but he looked at me and expected an answer.

"I mean, do you think she would like it for what it means for me? A single ring that, while so precious, pales in comparison with her? Do you think she'll understand how much more precious she is to me?" Then, while still asking, he smiled, knowing the answer.

In his mind, he was already kneeling, the box opening in front of the love of his life, her eyes tearing when he asked her the question.

"Yes, she will understand why I choose her," he continued: "I choose to build something that will last with her, I choose her with her contradictions, I choose her as she is. So she'll know why I give her this ring."

I am happy for that couple because the right ring can immortalize the present love. So when time makes this fiery passion fade, when it seems that the raw power of the first days of marriage has been lost, that ring, chosen with so much trepidation, will remind them of it. It will not bring them back to it but testifies to a past that gives a new light to the present.

This is why we love working with couples at Biscioni Gioielli: we can help them remember the best days forever.

Since 1871

The history of Biscioni Gioielli started in 1871, and it's a tale about tradition and craftsmanship, intertwined to form a design whose contours are the same as the Florence skyline.

The Workshop

In a market-oriented foreign production, Biscioni Gioielli still crafts its jewels in its artisan workshop on Ponte Vecchio, faithful to its Italian excellence roots.


Jewels are the opportunity to hold a dream in your hands, wear it, and recognize it in the admiring gaze of those who see it—a hidden yet full of meanings treasure.