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March 25: Florentine New Year

Until 1749, the year in Florence began on March 25, the Lady Day in which the Angel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus, which would take place nine months later. Subsequently, Gregorian began to be used to standardize calendars, and even in Florence, we started to consider January 1 the beginning of the year. Despite this, the tradition of celebrating a New Year in March became again strongly present in the city, filled with initiatives and breathing the festive air.

A beautiful parade is held in the center's streets, and the Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata is all dressed up. There's a unique street market for the occasion, where you can taste the unmissable brigidini, anise-flavored waffles, and the addormentasuocere, praline almonds. In addition, the city is decorated with white lilies.

You can take a look at the initiatives that are taking place this year or just take a stroll to enjoy our beautiful city. We'll be waiting for you on Ponte Vecchio!

Since 1871

The history of Biscioni Gioielli started in 1871, and it's a tale about tradition and craftsmanship, intertwined to form a design whose contours are the same as the Florence skyline.

The Workshop

In a market-oriented foreign production, Biscioni Gioielli still crafts its jewels in its artisan workshop on Ponte Vecchio, faithful to its Italian excellence roots.


Jewels are the opportunity to hold a dream in your hands, wear it, and recognize it in the admiring gaze of those who see it—a hidden yet full of meanings treasure.