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Ponte Vecchio, the gold route

If you know where to look, Florence is paradise.

Dan Brown

Those who stroll through the streets of Florence today can still quickly identify with a Renaissance man; streets, squares, and monuments still bear the mark of that historical period that made Florence and, therefore, the world great.

Among the places that the whole world knows of this city is Ponte Vecchio, the street of the artisan shops of jewelry and goldsmiths and a place full of history and culture.

Built on a pre-existing bridge in 1345, it has resisted floods and storms and remains an indispensable place to visit in Florence, even for those who have only a weekend.

From the beccai to the goldsmiths

In 1500 the Ponte Vecchio area was mainly used as a meat market with butcher stalls everywhere ("beccai," in Florentine).

In 1565, the Vasari Corridor was inaugurated, which overlooked the shops and houses and connected Palazzo Vecchio. It was a place dedicated to power along with Palazzo Pitti, the residence of the Medici family.

Cosimo I de Medici decided to eliminate odor and noise by moving the market area elsewhere, placing the much quieter goldsmiths in their place. 

At the center of the bridge is the statue of Benvenuto Cellini, a world-famous master goldsmith. The shops all overlook the central passage, and in the back, they have small rooms, added later and supported by beams that form the characteristic image of Ponte Vecchio.

Since 1871

The history of Biscioni Gioielli started in 1871, and it's a tale about tradition and craftsmanship, intertwined to form a design whose contours are the same as the Florence skyline.

The Workshop

In a market-oriented foreign production, Biscioni Gioielli still crafts its jewels in its artisan workshop on Ponte Vecchio, faithful to its Italian excellence roots.


Jewels are the opportunity to hold a dream in your hands, wear it, and recognize it in the admiring gaze of those who see it—a hidden yet full of meanings treasure.