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Logo di Biscioni Gioielli

September: the month of new beginnings

The only joy in the world is to begin. It is beautiful to live because to live is to begin, all the time, at every moment.

C. Pavese

We are already mid-September, and the city is filled with children ready for school.

We are at the beginning of the academic year, the traffic congestion is permanent, and we live with this strange perception of a "New Year," with good intentions and all that comes with it.

We have opened the shop on Ponte Vecchio with many ideas for this new year of business.

September is the month of jewelry fairs, new ideas, and challenges in creating jewelry related to recent trends and fashions from which we take inspiration.

Our intent in September is to prepare for Christmas by creating collections always in line with the innovations (including technological ones) presented by the goldsmith sector yet remaining faithful to our tradition.

We wish you all our best wishes for a period full of serenity. We will keep in touch soon with some delightful updates.

Since 1871

The history of Biscioni Gioielli started in 1871, and it's a tale about tradition and craftsmanship, intertwined to form a design whose contours are the same as the Florence skyline.

The Workshop

In a market-oriented foreign production, Biscioni Gioielli still crafts its jewels in its artisan workshop on Ponte Vecchio, faithful to its Italian excellence roots.


Jewels are the opportunity to hold a dream in your hands, wear it, and recognize it in the admiring gaze of those who see it—a hidden yet full of meanings treasure.